Silence !


Silence. Your heart gets sombre, it disperses a sense of revelation, a pure gem of emotions. Being unsaid, yet, letting out everything not just from beneath the possibilities of emotions but the mere existence of the subtle movement of the ruthless cynicism of one’s own self makes everyone vulnerable to silence. Yet, unwillingly, we all need silence, somewhere, sometimes, and maybe enough, just enough, to survive another day with ourselves!

                            ~ Sarang Thakkar 


Kiss the Rain !

I kiss the rain to hide my tears. Drowning in sorrow, I present a smile to the sky as I float among my fears. We present a collage of humanity against the despair that seeks to break us. So much effort to destroy a single spirit, take heart in knowing your importance. I am a single candle that shines against the coming torrent. Even when the rain comes and snuffs out my flame in that final moment…I will still attempt to kiss the rain one last time. If only in the hope that the smoke will carry my story on for a second longer !!!

Into The Woods !

Asheville, North Carolina ! A cold winter morning with leafless trees around, mountains penetrating through the clouds, empty country roads and a chill in the air that can send a shiver down your spine. Every breath you take is a heaven on earth with its purity, its freshness and sweetness of the wet soil.

Away from the ruins of what we call ‘City’, this historic looking yet so elegant and subtle town mesmerizes you in every step. An overcast shadow to go about the day where the town lit up early with the smiles of beautiful Ashevillian; generous, helpful and a smile that can make your day.

Walking down the streets on the outskirts of downtown Asheville, with food chains lined up and Walmart making its mark, there’s a sense of loneliness to send you aloof, yet this town can eat you up with its ever growing beauty.


“It was cold, you had your hands inside your sleeves
As we walked I heard the laughter in the leaves
See the shadows lying now where once we stood
And I would lie down right there if only I could”

There is something so great about this place. As you walk down the lonely roads of this rusty winter time, you witness a sheer sense of beauty entangled with crinan wood.

If only words could ever describe Asheville –

“Gradually and silently the charm comes over us, we know not exactly where or how !”



A Ray of Hope

A day of sunshine on a frosty winter morning, I head out on the streets of downtown Charlotte. Wide roads, good food, tall buildings and a fine architecture, the streets were filled with fun and joy.

“Excuse me, Hi, which way to the Discovery Place?” I asked humbly.

“I’m walking the same way, come along.” She said.

“Thank you so much, I’m just a tourist here and I have lost my way in this cold.” I explained.

“Don’t worry, it’s just four blocks down. You know Charlotte is an amazing place to be, beautiful clean city and not as melodramatic as New York, you know… I moved here, 10 years ago, from a nearby town which is very quite and much smaller than Charlotte. You’ll get good food here, some great museums to see and if you like speed, there is this Nascar speedway right round the corner.” She said, wearing this brown winter coat, a laptop bag on her shoulder and presumably coffee from Starbucks.

We stopped by a bagel shop to eat, much cheesier than I would have imagined it to be, we tooka few quick bites and some more things to talk about. “This is exactly where my ex husband stays, I pass through this area every day, and you know it makes me reach out to him at times.” She said with some cry in her voice.

She takes me through a series of parking lots of the famous Wells Fargo building, probably to avoid the cold. “This is where I work. Look through this bridge, you’ll find people smiling, walking down the streets eating something, with someone or alone. Everyone has a story, everyone is finding something to hold on to in life. I lost mine, and miss him dearly, but you can’t get everything in life, and even if you do, there’s something you’ll always loose.” A moment of silence as she said this and our eyes glued to the people on the streets.

“You know I always believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, a ray of hope, a light that will guide you home towards the thing that you want dearly. Hold it tight if you get access to that light, and never forget that hope gets you what you want.” She smiled.6tag_140615-151720

“Head down this building and take a right, you’ll reach your place. It was nice to meet you.” She hugs and leaves.

Just as I was about to leave, I see a man crossing the streets and the sun-rays guiding him across.

~Sarang Thakkar

Will You Marry Me ?

Wandering on the streets of this huge city which makes you fall in love with it, New York, I was lucky enough to witness an unusual event which changed my perspective towards love, marriage & all the emotions that make your heart pump.

Snow Boots. Check. 5 Layers of Clothing. Check. Earmuffs. Check. Hand Gloves. Check. And off we go !

Heading right to the heart of Manhattan, the Empire State Building with Jay Z & Alicia Keys to pump you up.

“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There’s nothin’ you can’t do;
Now you’re in New York,
These streets will make you feel brand new;
The lights will inspire you,
Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York”

The grandeur decor, the high ceilings, the red carpet feeling, and through endless security checks, we go up to the Observatory Deck. 102nd floor, makes your ears go numb and your heart jump out with excitement.

The view was an endless sea of concrete jungle all lighted up like a glowing star. Freezing wind blowing at 60mph, enough to drag you over the edge. Admiring the view at 360 degree view, you tend to succumb to the feeling of ecstasy and the adrenaline rush of being on top of the world.

“Excuse Sir, Excuse? Hi, do you mind taking a video?” I hear someone knowing on my shoulders.

“A video? What do you mean?” I say.

“Oh, I meant I am about to propose to my girlfriend for marriage, could you help me take this video so we could cherish it for life.” he said.

“Sure, go ahead, good luck.” My heart racing as fast as his.

The guy turns to his girlfriend, goes down on one of his knees, pops out a ring and asks her out.

“Would you marry me?” He smiles.

The pause that lasted a minute as she had tears in her eyes, felt like a whole century. The time had stopped for him as he waited for an answer.

“YES ! YES !” She shouts in joy and excitement as they kiss each other with a view to die for.

The snow, the wind, the cold, everything held no control as the joy of seeing someone come together right in front of your eyes, takes over.

~ Sarang Thakkar.

Love in New York City

Taxis !

Bright, yellow, lurking its way around the city with its ever increasing taxi fares and Asian taxi drivers. New York City has its own mesmerizing charm where the roads are perfectly aligned into blocks and where the people are immersed between the concrete jungle.

I happened to be at the Hotel Edison right at the heart of Times Square. With some old decor in place and one of the finest views on offer, sipping a cup of hot chocolate with an outstanding view from the 22nd floor, I made my mind dwindling down the streets of New York and imagined life as a New Yorker already. Just when I was fully immersed in some ol’ school 80’s rock music, listening to “Money for Nothing, but Chicks for Free” by Dire Straits, all hell broke loose.

My ever lasting thoughts on this beautiful city came short as I had to walk through the snow clad streets for the next 15 minutes to reach the subway and catch a train to the harbor. “15 minutes? In this snow? I’m not even walking for more than 2 minutes.” I shouted looking delusional and agitated. Eventually had to take my backpack, wear few layers of t-shirts and this big coat heavier than my backpack but enough to save me from the death.

We venture out on the 47th Street of this buzzing yet quite snowy day on the streets of New York. Our relentless struggle came short when we had to finally catch a taxi to the nearby harbour. The train station seemed near on a summer day but it was too little too far for a harsh winter morning.

We ended up catching this long yellow taxi enough for the four of us. “Drive us to the New York Harbor, please.” I said. We drive through the heart of New York surrounded by tall buildings and empty trees that could give a chill down your spine if you were to venture out alone on a lonely winter night. 20 minutes of endless struggle of wading through the traffic of this heavily populated down-town, we reach the harbor.

“There’s the harbor, Sir. I’ll drop you’ll right round the corner.” he said. “You know Sir,” he continues,”This is exactly where I fell in love with my wife of 25 years. She was having a cup of coffee looking over the harbor, I came to have lunch there. I offered her a sandwich and we sat there for hours. She used to work at a grocery store nearby and I used to drive the taxi.”
“I bet your wife is beautiful.” I said.
The taxi driver, “She died within three years after we got married but I still love her as much as I used to.”

We all have endless struggles, but I would have never been able to predict what he goes through every time he comes to this harbor.

~ Sarang Thakkar