Asheville, North Carolina ! A cold winter morning with leafless trees around, mountains penetrating through the clouds, empty country roads and a chill in the air that can send a shiver down your spine. Every breath you take is a heaven on earth with its purity, its freshness and sweetness of the wet soil.

Away from the ruins of what we call ‘City’, this historic looking yet so elegant and subtle town mesmerizes you in every step. An overcast shadow to go about the day where the town lit up early with the smiles of beautiful Ashevillian; generous, helpful and a smile that can make your day.

Walking down the streets on the outskirts of downtown Asheville, with food chains lined up and Walmart making its mark, there’s a sense of loneliness to send you aloof, yet this town can eat you up with its ever growing beauty.


“It was cold, you had your hands inside your sleeves
As we walked I heard the laughter in the leaves
See the shadows lying now where once we stood
And I would lie down right there if only I could”

There is something so great about this place. As you walk down the lonely roads of this rusty winter time, you witness a sheer sense of beauty entangled with crinan wood.

If only words could ever describe Asheville –

“Gradually and silently the charm comes over us, we know not exactly where or how !”




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