Taxis !

Bright, yellow, lurking its way around the city with its ever increasing taxi fares and Asian taxi drivers. New York City has its own mesmerizing charm where the roads are perfectly aligned into blocks and where the people are immersed between the concrete jungle.

I happened to be at the Hotel Edison right at the heart of Times Square. With some old decor in place and one of the finest views on offer, sipping a cup of hot chocolate with an outstanding view from the 22nd floor, I made my mind dwindling down the streets of New York and imagined life as a New Yorker already. Just when I was fully immersed in some ol’ school 80’s rock music, listening to “Money for Nothing, but Chicks for Free” by Dire Straits, all hell broke loose.

My ever lasting thoughts on this beautiful city came short as I had to walk through the snow clad streets for the next 15 minutes to reach the subway and catch a train to the harbor. “15 minutes? In this snow? I’m not even walking for more than 2 minutes.” I shouted looking delusional and agitated. Eventually had to take my backpack, wear few layers of t-shirts and this big coat heavier than my backpack but enough to save me from the death.

We venture out on the 47th Street of this buzzing yet quite snowy day on the streets of New York. Our relentless struggle came short when we had to finally catch a taxi to the nearby harbour. The train station seemed near on a summer day but it was too little too far for a harsh winter morning.

We ended up catching this long yellow taxi enough for the four of us. “Drive us to the New York Harbor, please.” I said. We drive through the heart of New York surrounded by tall buildings and empty trees that could give a chill down your spine if you were to venture out alone on a lonely winter night. 20 minutes of endless struggle of wading through the traffic of this heavily populated down-town, we reach the harbor.

“There’s the harbor, Sir. I’ll drop you’ll right round the corner.” he said. “You know Sir,” he continues,”This is exactly where I fell in love with my wife of 25 years. She was having a cup of coffee looking over the harbor, I came to have lunch there. I offered her a sandwich and we sat there for hours. She used to work at a grocery store nearby and I used to drive the taxi.”
“I bet your wife is beautiful.” I said.
The taxi driver, “She died within three years after we got married but I still love her as much as I used to.”

We all have endless struggles, but I would have never been able to predict what he goes through every time he comes to this harbor.

~ Sarang Thakkar



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